Why is the tale important in the psychological development of the child?

Why is the tale important in the psychological development of the child?

Fairy-tale has many important and valuable contributions in child development. While communicating between the narrator and the child on the one hand, all the mental activities of the child are activated. The child who dreams about the characters in the tales he read or listened to learns to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong according to the development of events.

Generally, girls are identified with boys and boys. Thus they lay the foundations of their future personalities. A child of roughly 4 to 5 years old knows that many of the events described in the fairy tales are not real. The purpose of the rhymes, which are said to start with tales for this purpose and which are not eler there is one, Zaten is to give this message to children. In addition, the tale teller will tell the child from time to time that extraordinary events will be only fairy tales. In fact, what children need to get from fairy tales is to appeal to their imagination. Thus, the world of children is entered. Children learn more fun and easy, and give hints about what they really should be.

The story is always a good story.

Fairy-tale is the story that those who act with patience have reached their goal, that the goodness done is not unrequited and intelligence is often superior to body power. Fairy tale, love is more than many things, friendship is very important story. Fairy tale, hand in hand and being in unity is always the case that brings more success. The fairy tale gives us the message that we should never be in despair and that if we do our best, success will find us already. A child who reads or listens to a fairy tale often thinks that we don’t need to be very strong, and that if he uses his mind he can accomplish many things. Or ‘fairy tales’ such as ‘cinderella’, ‘cotton princess’ and ‘seven dwarfs’, ‘ugly duckling’, people initially experience difficulties. In the end, however, they always emphasize the importance of patience to the good. In general, although there are common elements that concern all societies in fairy tales, they generally reflect the values, attitudes and behaviors of the society in which they come out from fairy tales. For this reason, it would be beneficial for our children to read our fairy tales firstly and to present them to our children after a good examination in the tales of other cultures.

Nowadays, because of their intensive work tempo, their parents complain that their children do not have time to read a fairy tale.

In addition, with the introduction of cartoons and series, children tend to watch such programs rather than reading fairy tales. Moreover, children watch the series and programs that sometimes do not appeal to them, or watch cartoons that do not give violent and accurate messages, but still raise the question of identifying those who are newly developing with false figures. For example, a 6-year-old child who was brought for my assessment because of his violent behavior, ‘What will happen when you grow up?’ ‘Mafia’s father’ is the answer to the question I’m posing as a highly thought provoking. Moreover, we have never seen this type of specimens as often as possible.

Families, sample stories about maganizel celebrities, successful businessmen and politicians, in which the child is confronted with visual and written media in daily life, showing positive messages and giving the child the best, the right, the hard working and the best we can never face in the face of challenges You can tell. In this way, the child will take lessons from what is going on in the most positive way and negative effects will be minimized.

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