When the child asks questions

When the child asks questions

When the child asks questions, sometimes we are very busy. We are watching the match, we are washing the clothes, we are talking to someone on the phone, we are writing a report Maç


The child trying to communicate with you, “Now let me see!” If your child asks you any questions, it is very important to respond to him. Although the question of our child seems to be a meaningless and absurd question, please answer that question. If you do not respond immediately to the question, and you have a job to complete, say to your child:

Children keep your word after asking questions

When the child asks the question, the most important thing is to keep your promise and go back to your child and answer the question when you complete the activity.

. When your child asks for something that is not appropriate for you at the moment, if you tell him the truth, you reward him when he does that thing in the right time and environment, you support the consolidation of behavior. This is a model of behavior that is more appropriate for child development , rather than giving a negative response to your child or making a decision instead . 

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