What you need for a birth bag / What you need for a baby bag

What you need for a birth bag / What you need for a baby bag

The bag is one of the things you need most when your baby is born. This bag prepared before birth serves as a first aid kit for you. Pregnancy bag preparation guide: what you need to take with you, what you will need most, priority materials and much more Doğum

What are the materials needed for the delivery bag, especially if you have embraced your first child
you can hesitate about. Like every parent, you can also take some steps with your baby
you learn together. Maternity bag for the first steps, for your urgent needs
it will be your point. However, since you will be carrying this bag continuously
You cannot take all the baby stuff that you have. You must set your priorities,
The birth bag guide aims to guide you in this regard.

First of all when choosing the birth bag, the fabric of the product is durable but the bag is too heavy
Note that there is no Since you will put a lot of things inside and be in motion,
you don’t want the bag to be broken or heavy. Maternity bag on water
it is useful to be proof.
The maternity bag is different depending on the age of your baby and how long you will stay out.
needs are prepared. A list of needs at your fingertips for the most basic needs
You can have.

After the birth of the hospital:

Replacement clothes for mom, lingerie, nightgown, slippers, hygiene products.
For the baby, hospitals can provide basic needs such as clothes, sheets and diapers.
However, if you want to use your own belongings you can bring with you.

What you need for a birth bag / What you need for a baby bag

For Daily Life:

Cloth: You should take a diaper every hour you stay outside. Just in case, a few
You can also get replacement diapers.

Wet Wipes: Wet wipes that you will need in changing the cloth
You will see that it is life-saving, as well as to clean yourself. But
be sure to choose a suitable product for your baby’s sensitive skin!

Replacement Cloth: Some bags have a changing cloth inside. If your bag
If you do not have this piece as an accessory, you must assure yourself. Outside Cloth
to put your child in a place where you suspect his or her hygiene
You do not want.

Replacement Outfit: For your baby a spare
you may want to have a T-shirt.

Bottle: Your child how many months or from the beginning to familiarize with the bottle
Depending on whether you want, the bottle is an option.
Diaper rash: Baby skin needs extra rash
You will be one of the products you will hear.

Toy: You can choose your baby’s favorite and the most space-consuming toy.
If your baby is not old enough to play with the toy; soft
and maybe you can get an item where your mother’s scent is absorbed.

Cover: This veil, both to cover your baby or breastfeeding to cover, much work
It will work. It’s not too big or too thick,
you should choose a drape of ideal sizes.

First Aid Kit: For emergencies, you can carry a small first-aid kit.

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