What should parents do for the crying child?

What should parents do for the crying child?

The crying child , especially in a social environment, creates a troubled situation for parents . In such cases, there are those who leave the food in order not to disturb others, but there may also be families who have interrupted the shopping, and even those who seem patiently and ignorant to ignore the child’s crying and wait for them to shut up. So which one is right?

What is true for the crying child?

Actually, they’re all wrong. In the restaurant, children crying on the beach, laying down in the shopping center, children are the children who have commanded their parents and how to manage them. It cannot take too long for the parents to be indifferent to the crying child. Because even the people around are social pressure insanlar Why aren’t you interested in this child? Çünkü. If you do the crying child several times, the child learns this method and will use it until the end. It is difficult but impossible to return. The crying child must have learned that he cannot get what he wants, even before he starts to socialize. If parents cannot teach this in a timely manner, return can be difficult.

For the crying child, first of all the parents need to realize that this is a problem.

When such behavioral errors are very uncomfortable, it is the first step that parents first review their behavioral strategies for their children. Sometimes they can say, “Our child is such” families. In fact, children, parents, and directs how it should be, and be guided, they become. Children learn what they see, continue to practice what they are familiar with. Going back to the restaurant, let’s continue the conversation. If you give your child the right to eat in the restaurant, you will have a easier time. But it is important to remember that they are still small people. our childrenthey may not know how to manage their feelings of boredom. For example, we’re at the restaurant, it’s time. If the child does not share an activity that we can play with at the time, such as the fire brigade, the child begins to inform the fire. What do you say if you see the fireman’s siren ring? ”There is fire, we are late“. Conscious mothers and fathers prevent the emergence of the fire. So how do we do that?

Spending quality time with crying child

Before we go to the restaurant again, it will help us prepare our child for this thought in an emotional and intellectual way. . We’re going to the restaurant soon, you’re going to choose a meal from the menu, and you may even have different dishes today. But you can get bored while waiting for dinner, come and take your coloring book with you, we’ll paint together while you wait. Ilabilir You can say to your child. From looking around, playing with smart and very intelligent phone, we could have a quality time with our child rather than watching a match on the screen. Or to go to dinner with the child, not to take care of him, sitting side by side with the child does not mean to spend quality time. By following these suggestions crying child s can silence, we can spend quality time with them.

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