What is the reason for speech delay in children?

What is the reason for speech delay in children?

Delay in speech in the child can be an important symptom. One-year-old words, 2-year-old two-word sentences, such as ”mother come ver,” mama ver “, 3-year-old 3-word sentence.

There may be several reasons for delayed speech in children;

  1. There are late-talked individuals in the family and the child has attracted them.
  2. The child has hearing problems .
  3. He is developmentally behind his peers.
  4. A few foreign languages ​​are spoken at home,
  5. The mother or caregiver is not interested in the child, is neglecting or is unable to deal with her own problems. Instead of communicating with the child, he is allowed to watch a lot of TV, advertising and music channels, which is delaying the conversation.

Another condition that causes speech delay in the child is a disorder of the Gelişim Common Developmental Disorder eni group. One of these is autism .

Even if the child does not start the conversation or even if the child has started, repeating al repeat the same word ara,, repeating what is said ma, not making eye contact, behaving irrelevant, turning around, shaking, showing interest in brands, dealing with parts of toys (eg turning wheels of cars) this situation should be suspected and help should be urgently taken.

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