What is the Effect on Football and Children?

What is the Effect on Football and Children?

What is the impact of football and child development?

Because football is one of the most popular sports in the world and likewise likes to be popular in our country, it occupies an important place in our children’s world and it cannot be considered a life without football for many boys. Almost every boy attempts to play football whenever he has an opportunity from an early age, and when he experiences it, he imagines himself as his favorite footballer. This is normal and is already expected. At this point, it is important to know who the football player is and what kind of characteristics they have. In this sense, the success of our national team is positively affecting our children.

In terms of football and child development, young, successful, dynamic, hardworking and successful footballers from our own culture are very important.

In terms of football and children, our national footballers are a positive example with their attitudes and as a single heart and they reflect their feelings of unity and solidarity. In addition, it increases the self-confidence of our children because they are one of us. Actually, in order to be successful, it gives the message that we do not need to be like others. The reflection of this on the streets is often increased in the neighborhood matches of the children, rather than foreign players, such as ın Arda, Burak, Nihat, Hamit, Semih, Volkan lar.

How much should parents and fathers allow to influence football and children?

Football, which is a team game, is important for players in contrast to individual sports. Together they develop skills to run together and the players are happy to live together with the goal and the joy of winning. If necessary, to share the loss together to socialize in terms of football and children. It is also very important because there are certain rules and limitations as in every sport. It is also instructive to have more control in the child’s behaviors and behaviors. It is not appropriate for the child to spend hours in front of a TV or computer at home, in undisciplined and uncontrolled environments. Instead of interest in football or any sport is a positive situation.

However, the need to pay attention to football and child development is the risk of covering the whole life of the child. It is not considered as a healthy situation for our youth to neglect other areas in their lives, to blindly imitate all the positive or negative movements of the footballers they are fans of. At this point, parents and especially fathers have important duties. Successful efforts of successful and respected football stars should be conveyed to our youth.

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