What is the Effect of Sports and Child Development?

What is the Effect of Sports and Child Development?

The impact on sport and childdevelopment is a great opportunity for the creative power of the child to be revealed. Sport positively affects the child’s basic development areas. It provides positive support especially for mental, physical and cognitive development. It prepares the sports ground for adaptation to social life and enables the child to act within the rules.

In terms of sport and child , protecting the rights of the child and respecting the rights of others will also contribute positively to the future life. Child’s endless energy, disorganized and variable emotions are regulated by sport. The child has the opportunity to experiment during his / her personality traits and many other potential sports activities, and these characteristics develop and reinforce. Children with academic failures at school, especially if they succeed in the field of sports, have re-confidence.

With sports and children’s effect, instinctive saturation is achieved and the impulses are transferred to the right paths.

Negative emotions and rude-primitive instincts, such as selfishness, jealousy, are truncated. Physical and muscular system develops with sports activity; Increases nerve-muscle coordination. It has a strong and strong body. Children should not be forced into a sport that they do not like or do not want. At the same time, the child should not be limited to a single sport; It should be ensured that both an individual sport branch and a collective sport should be engaged.

Baby Gymnastics

It is recommended to begin infant gymnastics starting from the sixth month when body development slows down. Gymnastics should be done before or 1 hour after feeding. The baby may be naked or may be worn with a thin garment. The optimal environment for gymnastics is 21-25 degrees Celsius. The child shouldnot be overwhelmed if he reacts that he does not like and should be very flexible during the movements.

Sports and Children’s Branches

There are many sports centers in the cities. In summer, special sporting activities are organized for children. The child has the opportunity to evaluate the summer holiday with both sport and fun. During school terms, some parents want to limit the sport activity at school, with the concern that the child’s academic success will be adversely affected. However, sports activities and courses support many basic development areas of the child.

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