What is Propolis?

What is Propolis?

I have been using propolis for a long time for myself and the household, and I recommend it to my patients. So, what is this propolis I’ve always underlined?

Propolis is a hard, resinous substance produced by bees to protect the hive. Bees propolisi plants provide stalks, leaves and buds.

Here propolis produced by bees to protect the hive in our body also shows antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect. So it protects our body against bacteria, viruses and fungi.


What does Propolis do?


Antioxidant. In other words, it helps to eliminate harmful substances released during normal functioning of our cells.

Propolis has protective effects against cancer, diabetes and asthma.

It also accelerates wound healing. What does this mean? It helps to heal wounds in oral wounds, aphthae, hand and mouth disease.

Propolis is a phenolic falavonoid. Phenolic flavonoids are prebiotic. Prebiotics are foods that beneficial bacteria in our intestines use to grow and multiply. So propolis contributes to the formation and maintenance of a healthy intestinal flora.




How to use propolis?


After one year, we can give propolis to babies and children. In children who cannot tolerate the taste of propolis, propolis can be added to honey, molasses, milk, yogurt, fruit purees or any food your child likes. In cases of infection, the dose of propolis is doubled.


As I said at the beginning, we use BEEO propolis at home. Because in many propolis on the market, many substances are added instead of propolis, or the amount of pure propolis in i is much less than recommended.

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