What is game? Why is it important for children to play?

What is game? Why is it important for children to play?

What is a game? How does the game process begin? In the case that parents can provide their children with an environment in which they can play free play, the serbest play process abil, in which the child’s cognitive, physical, emotional and social development will be laid, will be started.

What is the game, why is it important for the child?

Children start to get to know the world by play and their knowledge is enhanced as they play. Kid discovers with play, learn to share with the game. Sometimes, the inner worlds of children who cannot express their thoughts and feelings as adults can be reached through the game. The child, symbolically, presents its inner world with play. The play is a very important bridge between the real world of the child and the world of imagination. The child in the free play environment is free and happy. The child may want to play games in different ways. Early ChildhoodThe more individual games played, the more the child develops creativity. Group games, while improving the ability to follow the rules and take responsibility, teaches the child to share. They always try to convince the parents that they are ready and willing to play, and even from time to time, your parents are:

– For five more minutes … 
– Parents, n`ooolur. 
– Mom, a little more -.

Game What is it and how is learned behavior play?

Child learns to play in infancy. Only the crying babies can express their needs by means of the connection they have with their mother or carer. The child who sees that his sounds or his / her reactions are noticed by his mother / carer and continues with positive feedback makes this communication channel into play. The game learned by the model is diversified with the expansion of the environment and the development period of the child is shaped according to its characteristics.

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