What is 2 Age Syndrome? What are the Symptoms?

What is 2 Age Syndrome? What are the Symptoms?

2 age syndrome is common in children. Because the 2-year period is one of the most difficult periods for parents to develop in children. During this age period (between 12 and -36 months), children tend to discover both the environment and the world.

What is 2 age syndrome ?

Children 2 years old want to express themselves and everything to be theirs. In the 0-3 age period, basic trust feelings are also formed. Children in the age of 2 have a number of characteristics in their physical, mental, language, social, emotional and sexual development. 2 year old children jump, jump, climb, run, always in motion. The child who comes to the age of 2 years syndrome can go up and down the stairs alone, walk at the fingertips, wash and dry the hands, button buttons, and turn the big buttons on and off. Children from the age of 2 years syndrome can recognize a color, the duration of attention is very short, they can understand the relationship of the part-whole. 2-year-olds can say their surnames, speak one sentence and simple words, ask simple questions, speak up, can speak exaggerated, ‘ why?’ often use the question, can make meaningless repetitions.

Children of 2 years of age want to play with other children but may not be able to communicate healthily, but they love young children. She doesn’t like to share, she’s a dream play, she can talk to herself. He doesn’t want to give it back, because he wants everything to be his. 2 year old children are asked to be made, easily angry and yelling can call and throw punches. She’s impatient, stubborn. Sexual identity formation begins in children of 2 years old and knows their gender.

In terms of signs of age 2 syndrome, parents have the following symptoms that they should be aware of: Those who do not want to eat, sleep, do not want to do the opposite, do not listen, do not touch the parents, throw themselves on the floor, hit the head may be indicating the two age syndrome status. Knowing the characteristics of this age period and not forgetting that this period is temporary will help to make the crises more comfortable.

Do not give birth to a child with 2 years oldsyndrome!

• Never punish your child, do not be angry, do not qualify as a bad boy, blame or insult. 
• Do not obstruct your anger. 
• Do not make long explanations. 
• Do not place rules. 
• Do not insist on her. 
• Do not obstruct questions. 
• Do not frequently use the word ‘no’.

Do this to a child with 2 years old syndrome!

• Be creative to distract your attention. 
• Offer alternatives. 
• Allow your child to create spaces where he can be free, to express his feelings and himself. 
• Allow it to touch objects unless it jeopardizes safety. 
• Allow it to discharge its energy. 
• Spend time with your child, but have a time frame for yourself. 
• Seek assistance from a specialist if necessary.

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