What are your messages to your child as parents?

What are your messages to your child as parents?

Apply to your child as parents before you apply!

Mother watches television in the living room, speaks to the child inside: ev Come on, read some books now! En, or the mother watches her favorite TV series on TV and calls out to her children: oc Come on, let me see you!,. Your expectation from your child should be realistic first. It will not be right to expect your child to perform more disciplined and responsible tasks while parents are watching TV or doing other similar jobs in the home environment.

I have a very favorite saying for parents: “Children see, children do im so the children see and apply.

” Children will hear and apply it.” This promise is not. If you don’t do what you want your children to do as a mother and father, your child thinks that your words are not the basis. The simplest example of this is that their unhealthyparents try to encourage their children to eat healthy. While you eat unhealthy and unsuitable calories and junk food, you should not expect your child to adapt to a diet based on vegetables and fruits.

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