What are the stages of child growth?

What are the stages of child growth?

How does the child grow?

The girls usually refer to the mother and the boys as the father. Therefore, there is a competition with the mother in the girl; The boy also has a competition with the father. On this basis, the girls are close to the father, but when they are in trouble, they lean against the mother. Boys are also close to the mother for a certain period of time, but then they behave more freely because of the father idantification. Here, of course, domestic dominant roles affect the table. For example, a dominant mother has a negative impact on a boy çocuk A frail and cynical type of father and an effective mother type may lead to more feminine behavior in male sex discrimination.

While the child is growing, sometimes this situation consists of a hard male type of rebellion size. In fact, behavior against women can be observed hostility. This is the revenge of the loser father in a place manifested in the boy. Meanwhile, the girl in the same type of family relationship will probably think and act like an amazon in the future. I’m not saying that none of this is going to happen, but I think the probability is high.

On the other hand, the Maço father is the boy who creates the instinct of protecting the loser mother. The boy thus nurtures hostile feelings against the father. Due to bad experiences, this marriage is more compassionate to his wife. In this interaction dimension, there are so many different factors that create a brainstorm that can be discussed for hours.

Families should always take the help of an expert to think about the future of their children.

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