Ways to remove gas in the baby

Ways to remove gas in the baby

The problem of gas, which is the cause of 10 to 15 percent of doctor visits in the first three months of newborn babies, is one of the problems that every mother frequently faces. Infantile colic, which is the underlying cause of this uneasiness of infants, originates from different causes and can be resolved in many different ways.

Food consumed by the mother can cause gas

Many different hypotheses about the causes of gas formation in infants
There. The first one is about the foods consumed by the mother. Mother’s cow is allergic
permeability of the intestines in the baby as a result of consuming foods
These nutrients are passed on to the baby and cause the formation of gas. This kind of problem
nutrients, cow’s milk and cow’s milk
produced foods, chocolate, soy, peanuts, green peppers, coffee and spicy foods
It is located.

Mother’s mood affects the baby

Another cause of gas formation
emotional distress. In the family, the feelings of anxiety that the mother feels
the inadequacy of the conflicts, stress, support from the partner and social environment,
the lack of time for the mother to take care of the baby;
It is stated that the baby is one of the important risk factors for the gas problem.
Baby relaxes from the third month
The development of the central nervous system is another problem that causes a gas problem in the baby.
It is seen as the source. In the first months after birth
The lack of melatonin experienced cannot provide adequate relaxation and relaxation time. Third
When melatonin starts to oscillate regularly,

Ways to remove gas in the baby

How should a breastfeeding mother be fed?

Newborn babies, as well as their mother’s milk, as well as their mothers ate
the feeding patterns of nursing mothers for feeding are extremely important.
It is. If it is not done correctly, the
Nutritional activities that may be caused should be carried out as carefully as possible.
Breastfeeding mothers who should normally take more than 750 calories of energy, breastfeeding
In the process of liquid intake should be taken. Consumption of about three liters of liquid per day
nursing mothers who need; water, milk, sherbet
they should consume lemonade, buttermilk, compote and compote.
In infants of smoker mothers, two times more than the mothers of non-smoker mothers
nursing mothers advised not to smoke during this process
It is.

Measures to be taken for the gas problem

You should keep your baby in an upright position while breastfeeding and breastfeed in sufficient time. nutrition
then you should pamper your baby’s back, with your fingertips on the back
you must remove the gas by hitting it.

Make sure your baby does not swallow air during bottle-feeding. Bottle
make sure your baby bottle hole is compatible with your baby’s
You should.

Make your baby dancing slightly or dancing while your baby is on your lap
You should approach your baby with caress and both visual and auditory and tactile stimuli.
You should also avoid shaking your child in this process.

The medications you will use to relieve your baby will often not be effective and
you should try to avoid taking medication as much as possible because it will have effects.
When you are close to crying hours, you can put your baby in the bathroom or massage
You can let your baby relax. Your baby warm water during bathing
while you can do abdominal massage, lay on your stomach or feet warm
You can keep.

If you have a baby with an overdose, you can calm down after feeding.
in order to provide short-term spout.

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