Toy Selection Tips! Which Toys Are Suitable?

Toy Selection Tips! Which Toys Are Suitable?

The choice of toys is very important, as playing games is your child’s most important job. In this way, learn to adapt to life and social life. In addition, the game is one of the most important tools in the development of the child. It improves children’s creativity and enables them to gain confidence about their knowledge and skills.

Time spent in the game is valuable because the game is much more than a toy, and it is an effort that is endeavoring. The game varies according to age. In the pre-school period, children move towards dramatic play that reflects different aspects of their lives.

Children’s play can be listed as follows.

  1. Play alone
  2. Watching another game
  3. Parallel play
  4. Cooperative game

The choice of games and toys that have an important place in the child’s life can also be compelling for you parents. There are some details to be considered in the selection of toys. Preschool children like functional piece toys. At first, they prefer small pieces of toys, but if there is a behavior of taking the pieces to the mouth, such toys should not be given.

The choice of toys and the toys that you would prefer are:

  1. There should not be toys that can be broken quickly and create cutting parts.
  2. It should not be made of glass.
  3. It should not be sharp and pointed.
  4. If not accompanied by an adult, the power must not be connected.
  5. Apart from these security measures, an important point is that the toy is suitable for the child’s intelligence and development.

When choosing a toy, you should not observe gender discrimination.

It’s like getting babies for girls, and getting boys for boys. You should remember that children like soft toys very much, they do not forget that they meet their hugging needs, and you should make sure to have a place for teddy bear and various soft animals at home. Wooden or plastic blocks, puzzles and blocks for the development of intelligence is one of the toys that should be in your home. You can also create an activity corner similar to the one in your home school. Paints, residual materials, boxes, etc. Together with you, you can spend your time and increase your creativity. Another important issue is the number of toys available at home. One of the mistakes made by working mothers and fathers is to buy lots of toys. Give your child a lot of  toys doesn’t mean you like it very much. Parents try to make their children happy by putting their children into toys. This can cause your child to be insatiable and never replace your interest and love.

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