Tips for traveling with children

As of today, we have entered the first day of a five-day holiday. Half the country is on the road. And most of what happens on the road is on land travel.… We do not prefer to travel by car on our intercity trips. As a matter of fact, I could go anywhere by car, but Barış doesn’t like to go long with cars. In this case, we go to Kırşehir by car only once a year and during the holiday. The car ride with the baby was quite difficult when the age was younger. As everything grew older, it became easier.

As a full-fledged planner, I also calculate things before traveling with the child, to make them comfortable during the journey.


Boy with car ahead of road trip
If you have an active infection, postpone your trip if possible. If you can’t postpone, take your medication with you and ask your doctor if you can go on a car ride with the child.
If your child has a chronic illness, have your doctor check up and print the medications he uses constantly.
If your child is old enough to understand, you can tell him that you will get in the car a while before you travel with the child and you will go on holiday or go to the grandmother / grandmother. When I was little, I started to say a week or two ago, and I was telling you how to have fun and what to do on the road and where we went. We were even playing games about the car ride. We gathered all our plush animals in the house, packed suitcases, got into the car and went on adventures.
When you prepare a suitcase, prepare them together and let them prepare their own things.
If you are a forgetful person like me, prepare a list of things that may be necessary for the journey ahead of days.
Research and learn in advance about suitable baby-resting places where you can easily take a break during a car ride with the child.
Handbag preparation: I mentioned before. I have a method for all kinds of trips, even daily trips. I prepare three different bags, which are called entertainment bags, disguise bags and food and drink bags, and I place them in one compartment in each compartment of the baby care bag which has 3 compartments. So I can easily find out what I want from the bag when the age of the Age sinks or gets hungry and thirsty.
Costume bag
For babies

At least two suits
Plenty of cloth
Cleaning wipes
Bottom opening cloth
If using pacifier
2 pieces socks
Breastfeeding cover
Several bags to put dirty cloths and clothes
For kids

At least two suits (including athletes and panties)
Wet wipes
Two socks
Coats / blankets / shawls / cardigans if the weather is cold
Several bags to put dirty cloths and clothes
Recreational bag
For babies

Cloth books
Colorful pompoms
For kids

It may be a toy that he loves and does not separate from him, or a toy that has just been bought.
The book will be of more interest (having just received it).
Color pencil
Playing cards
Eating-drinking bag
If your baby is less than 6 months and only takes breast milk, there is no need for an eating and drinking bag. But if it is more than 6 months then it is better to take the snacks and the main meal if it corresponds to the time of the main meal. Vegetable-fruit purees, yoghurt for babies; For older children, healthy snacks such as nuts, walnuts, dried fruits and fresh fruit should be available. If the baby is fed with formula, 3-4 clean bottles should be in the thermos bag according to the duration of the trip. I use philips avent’s bags that keep food at its own temperature for 4-6 hours (hot if hot-cold if cold) to keep the food I took with me during the car ride with the child in a healthy way.

Healthy snacks such as fruit, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts should be kept in the bag for older children. If the car journey coincides with the main meal time, I always take the meatball-pasta duo with me, provided that it is in the protected bag and in the containers that keep the heat.

Boy with car during road trip
Check that the first aid kit is complete.
Make sure your baby is in the car seat. No matter how much she cries, don’t take her off the seat.
Dress the most comfortable clothes you can dress.
I take books, magazines, picture books, coloring books, stickers, books that he has never seen before, and bring them out in order to keep the age. Voice word and number games have been added to them.
Apart from this, it is useful to adjust the journey according to your child’s sleep time. If you have a child who can sleep anywhere, you can bring the trip to sleep time. So he sleeps and you get rid of the problem of how to distract the child throughout the journey. But if you have a child like Çağın who cannot sleep everywhere, it is best to bring the watch to the hours when he has taken his sleep when he is traveling with the child. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a child who has escaped sleeplessness during the whole journey and has ceased in moodiness.
Take care of your baby’s fluid intake during the journey. Don’t forget to offer water.
Especially in the summer, the sun visor on the car windows increases the comfort of the car ride with the child.
I shared what I had in mind about my own travel experience. If you have suggestions about driving with children and share in the comments below, I would appreciate it. Have a nice trip…

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