The sweetest toy wool knitting rabbit making for your baby

The sweetest toy wool knitting rabbit making for your baby

Amigurumi is a word of Japanese origin that is frequently heard recently. With crochet means stuffed stuffed toys. It is very important for children to offer a choice that can be preferred instead of both amusing and plastic toys. It’s time for your child to make toys …


The first thing that comes to mind is when the children are called gift. Imagination Worlds
In order for children to play with toys, the choice of toys is also important.
It is known that cheap and plastic toys are very harmful for children’s health, but
The prices of quality products also force the budget from time to time. At this point
wouldn’t you want to make toys for yourself with your own hand? Moreover, a spiritual value
These toys will be perfect alternatives for your babies.

What is Amigurumi?

The art of making toys using the knitting needles and the frequently used needle technique is called amigurumi. origin
japanese and ami knitted, nuigirimi means stuffed toy.

Which strap should the Amigurumi be knitted?

All kinds of rope amigurumi can be done, but the rope is not too thin for you to use
it would be better. You should also prefer a wool that will not make a feather
it is important for your child’s health and the long life span of the toy. Babies
Special for lint, cotton wool amigurumi is ideal for. Choose an easy rope
will also extend the life of your toy.

What are the necessary materials for Amigurumi?

If you want to start amigurumiye, you can stay in the tip of a shop
non-aluminum crochet and accordingly you should get wools. Continuous stitch for knitting
you will count, so you should also get a loop marker. What you can do
according to the shape of the toy you need to buy additional materials. This is all you will do
will vary according to the shape of the toy. Also for the eyes of your toy amigurumi eyes, inside
Need more fine threads and needles for fiber and details to fill.


How is the amigurumi done?

It is mainly used in crochet with frequent needle technique. Also necessary to be made according to the toy
In places, you will shape the toy by increasing the stitch.

How to make amigurumi magic ring?

There are more than one method of starting the amigurumiye. The most preferred one is the magic
ring making. The magic ring is also easy to make with ring adjustable.
Create a ring leaving a long tail from your rope and pass the crochet through the middle of the ring.
Get a bowknot. Take a loop again and pass it through the first loop. In this way through the ring
You can pass the needle as often as you want. After 6 frequent injections inside
squeeze pulling long tail. You already made your magic ring.

How to make amigurumi chain weave?

Make the thread a ring and pass the thread through the loop. You take the stitch again and you do it first
Continue knitting through the loop. This way your amigurumi chain
you will create your mesh.

How to increase and decrease amigurumi?

Increasing and decreasing in amigurumi braids is quite simple. It is often done using the needle technique.
Two needles are made into the same loop twice, some are in the same place as the model recipes.
can also be done. But generally preferred 2 times with frequent needles to increase the same
Method. For subtraction, the two loops sank side by side and the two loops together.
knitting technique.

How to make a Amigurumi loop slider?

In the amygdure, the loop is moved into the loop for the shift and the loop is removed and passed directly.
Its construction is very simple and is used in many models.

How to make amigurumi frequent needle?

You’re dipping in the loop and pulling a loop. Two crochet hooks around the rope
You weave. A stitch was already in the crochet, and you removed a stitch.

How to finish the amigurumi?

When the amigurumi is finished, it is usually made by cutting and removing the rope.
If an object such as a ball is built, the next stitch is looped and the rope is cut.
The tapestry is attached to the needle. By passing the rope through each loop, the rope is pulled tight and the excess is cut.

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