The importance of educational toys in child development

The importance of educational toys in child development

  Im We had a toy in our time, we would do it ourselves ım. Our mothers were telling us how to make a doll. Now we are saying to our children, alıp We had so much toys in our time, we keep taking Şimdi. So in fact, the power of toys, especially in the development of the box games, and we know how much communication in the family goes out of our mouth.Is there a mother who comes across the toys and doesn’t say “there is wealth here?” We’re trying to pick the best ones. What we know for sure. We’re calculating sometimes. Hello to be a parent ebeveyn

Which do you think parents prefer most? Let’s take a look at the toys.

Box games iletişim The whole family is playing together, with great communication. Meanwhile, children’s fine – rough motor development, communication skills are getting stronger. Parents have as much fun as children. It is possible to find games for all ages without differentiating big.
Jigsaw puzzles yaş Do we not progress by starting with two parts and increasing the number of parts with age? Tablo Let’s combine the dog ara started with the jigsaw puzzle table and hanging on the wall continues.
Wooden toys de We are trying to put the square on top of each other, we try to put the square um They learn the colors, shapes together, they get great joy.
Park beds olur Don’t you think it’s a toy bed? You can fill the balls into a super ball pool. Our child is afraid to enter the ball pool outside our child. Why not at home?
From our parents who had little or no excuse from the window. Now they’ve replaced them with the dough sets. That’s what they used to be. It’s great for manual skills, muscle strengths, even imagination.
Of course lego, always lego zaman even lego and so on, derivative toys. We’re not gonna sit for hours together with the kids. Whether it’s hand eye coordination or imagination.

Benefits don’t stop counting. Building a tower, demolishing, rebuilding una If the child is small, it is always best to buy special products for his or her age group.

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