Telling Fairy Tale Strengthens Child’s Imagination

Telling Fairy Tale Strengthens Child's Imagination

Tale to tell , is a unique discovery for your child. To tell your child fairy tales, especially before sleep, is very valuable in terms of the development of their imagination and abstract ideas.

You will find 4 important items to tell the tale:

The first step in telling the tale:

Add your audience to the story: If you want a child to be able to pay attention, keep the story for 5 or 10 minutes. If they feel themselves part of the story, they will focus more. Participations involving expressions and actions can be realized. For example, children may grow up like a bad wolf when they approach.

Second step:

The play bad against good:   children, fairy tales while to tell the story through the characters they meet, they learn the rules and behavior. Adding both good and bad people to the story helps them to question the truths and wrongs in their own lives. For example, getir If I had done this, would I have had the same thing on my own? Ayd The conflict between good and evil brings an immediate adventure to your fairy tale.

Step three:

Creative sounds: Give your characters different voices. A witch can have a strong and loud voice in a king, as it will have a bad, low-key smile. Speaking quietly creates immediate atmosphere. If your story is actionable, raising your voice and pace creates excitement. A short pause is a powerful tool to create doubts.

Step four:

To make children feel happy and satisfied, the stories in the tale must have a clear end, and they lived happily ever after. At the same time, children enjoy listening to the same end over and over again. You can create your own leştir end ızı to personalize your fairy tales.

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