Stages of Baby Development and Link with Mother

Stages of Baby Development and Link with Mother

The development of a quality bond between mother and baby in the first 1-2 years of life in terms of infant development plays an important role in the child’s spiritual development.

It is thought that the attachment process started when the baby was in the mother’s womb. With the birth of the baby cries and sounds to express himself by expressing, on this occasion attracts attention. The mother and others around her often disagree and talk to her, embracing her in the arms and responding to their needs. In this period, the baby is not a passive recipient.

Importance of Breastfeeding in terms of InfantDevelopment

Breastfeeding and embracing are of great importance in terms of attachment. During breastfeeding, there is not only nutrition but also close bodily contact. The mother expresses her child satisfaction during her stance that the mother and baby face, while the mother also increases her motivation and care for her child’s care. In the meantime, the synaptic connections in the baby’s brain are increased and contribute to the structure of the brain.

The mother’s response to the emotional stimuli sent by her baby is very important for attachment. The mother’s being with her when she needs her, having her understood and loved will create confidence in the child and encouraging her to discover the outside world. If the mother can provide healthy answers to the needs of her child, a healthy attachment will develop and the child will be able to regulate and understand their own feelings. This will allow you to learn to look for ways and support to cope with stress.

Mental Status of Mother in Infant Development

The mental state of the mother is very important for a secure attachment. Mothers’ mental distresses will negatively affect the communication with the child. During this period, it is very important that the other family members support the mother psychologically. The mother may be more inexperienced and anxious, especially in the first baby, and may need more support. It should be remembered that the child’s emotional needs should be met as well as physical care for healthy development of the child.

It is known that attachment is not developed in infants of mothers who have little or no communication with the baby, who do not talk, are insensitive to them and are inconsistent. The studies show that these children are emotionally low and shy in the future, they are inadequate in their relations with their peers and they can have problems in behavior control. You should pay attention to these issues during the baby development stages.

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