Quality Time Suggestions – To be Applied with the Child

Quality Time Suggestions - To be Applied with the Child

This article, which we share quality time recommendations , will provide a positive contribution for parents to have a pleasant time outside their home with their children.

The social activities of the family, such as mother-child, father-child, allow individuals to get to know each other and to share more healthy and enjoyable time together.

– Determination of social activity : parents and children may plan to spend one day of the week together in social areas such as cinema or playground. In adolescence, it can be cited as a girl going shopping with her mother or drinking coffee or going with her father to the cinema.

– Sports activities : various sports such as basketball, football or swimming can be made fun with parents’ participation. For example, you can make a match or race by keeping a score. The first one can be rewarded and made more enjoyable. This kind of sports activity, which allows the physical energy to be drained, allows the child to relax.

– Go shopping together: most parents leave at least 1 day a week to purchase vegetables or fruit in line with the need at home. It is possible to make the time spent enjoyable by including the child. Pre-shopping list will be developed together with the child to improve the organization and planning skills of the child. It would be an enjoyable experience for the child to go to the neighborhood markets where we can spend a lot of time especially for shopping. Traditional market exchanges vary in terms of recognizing vegetables and fruits, especially in young children. In particular, the district market visits are on top with a list of quality time recommendations with the child.

We would like to point out in the direction of these tips that we share as quality time suggestions that children make sense of this special time with the world they share with you.

In fact, the quality of time that reinforces many skills and interpersonal communication is as entertaining as it is for the child.

According to the results of the research, we know that parents are much happier when they look for quality time suggestions and apply them. For self-confident, empathetic and social children, quality time recommendations should be planned properly. We predict how happy your child makes you smile. My advice to you precious parents is this:

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