Proposal Activity with Child – Enjoyment Time Tips at Home

Proposal Activity with Child - Enjoyment Time Tips at Home

This article will guide you with suggestions and tips for activities with the child . I would like to guide you in the activities and practices that I recommend you apply at home, where I think that your precious parents can make your time with your children more effective .

Tips that will help you make an activity suggestion and a “ quality time Çocuk together :

– Cooking conversations: parents can eat together with their children in the days spent in the family. For example, they can describe a positive or negative development that happened to parents. Encouraging questions can be asked to allow the child to share the same way.

– Performing daily rituals:  Making a meal together with the child in terms of activity suggestion , repairing something and routine tasks such as these can be made fun by sharing tasks. For example, it is valuable to include children in the process of breaking their eggs or whisking eggs with their mother. Or it is like to ask the child to remove a repaired item by screw. All these activities will improve the child’s fine motor skills and strengthen the communication with the parent she takes on.

– Kelime oyunları: çocuğun yaş gelişimine uygun hazır oyunlarla hep birlikte oynanabileceği gibi, çoğu kişinin de bildiği kelimenin son harfiyle yeni sözcük türetme oyunu oynanabilir. Örneğin anne uçak kelimesi ile başlar, çocuk kelimenin son harfi olan k harfiyle yeni bir kelime oluşturur, kazak gibi. Bu tür oyunlar çocuğun kelime bilgisini geliştirdiği gibi, bilineni hatırlamasını yani uzun süreli hafızadaki bilginin geri getirilme becerisini de geliştirir

– Watching movies or reading books together: this process should not be a quiet time for parents and children in their own corner . It should be implemented as a follow-up of a film and then conducting ideas on the subject. Everyone can read a chapter about an interesting book section and then make a discussion. These activities, which have the ability to establish cause-effect relationship, to intensify their attention and to sustain them, are very useful for children with attention deficit and hyperactivity.

– Relaxation or meditation sessions: children with high levels of anxiety can perform daily relaxation exercises with their parents. These relaxation sessions, which can be created after the parents have knowledge about it, are very valuable. These sessions will give the child the opportunity to relax or to share his / her concerns.

Implementing these tips that we share with the child for activity suggestion will contribute positively to your family communication. It is beneficial to join the mother and father together with the activity proposal plans with the whole child .

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