Promising Promise to Child and Trust

Promising Promise to Child and Trust

How does it affect the child and the development of trust , and promising and not giving it to him?

Here, a lot of parents and parents are very successful in this sense. We do not fulfill our promise to our child because we do not plan the time correctly. When our child wants something, we say ğinde We will do it Ç as a mother or father. The child asks: ğinde When? Gün We give a random date without planning: akıllı We do it over the weekend or do it the following day. They ask, “What would you do?”

Child and trust in terms of your child believes in the bond between you as the parent is very important and valuable!

Think of yourself as an adult. What do you do when someone promises you and does not keep your promise in your workplace or in your private life? When the promise is not kept, there is a sanction. The mother and father who think ılır child is not able to impose sanctions on me, is actually mistaken. There is a notebook in the memory and feelings of children and they take notes. Çocuk He did, and he didn’t, edi the child saves. If you completely break your faith in the child, no matter what you say, your child will not believe you.

It is adversely affected by child and trust development.

Promise you don’t believe it, even if you don’t have the pattern olmaz We will do it İnan, it doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t fit in with you. This situation is very harmful in terms of child development .

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