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Yeah, it’s finally late summer. The sun stopped giving us that warm face. This year you have to draw a different route than before and make different plans because now you have a little lamb to accompany you. And I guarantee you that this year’s suitcase will be the heaviest of all you’ve ever prepared. Because it’s the first time you’re going on vacation with the baby. And you don’t know what the holidays with the baby will bring you. Yes you are right but you can spend a great holiday with good planning.


Here are your short and short baby holiday recommendations
Before the holiday
If you make a strict planning before the holiday with the baby, you will not leave everything to the last minute and do most of your work.

Have your baby checked by a doctor. Before the holiday with the baby, you will have a general health screening at this visit and you will be able to print the medications that your baby is constantly using or may need during the holiday.
Some time in advance, make a list of needs (for example I’ll do it at least a month in advance).
Book your hotel. Make sure the hotel you choose is child friendly. Be sure to even call before booking and confirm that it meets your requests. For example, do they give you a baby bed in your room, and do they help you prepare mash?
If you are going by plane, buy flight tickets. Take a look at my plane travel writing with the kid. Also make sure that the times of the airplane and bus journeys are compatible with your baby’s sleep / wake cycles. What a great start to a holiday with a baby sleeping on the road?
If you are going to travel with your own car, it is useful to have them serviced beforehand. Nobody wants to stay on the road when they’re planning a vacation all year? And please read my ride with the child.
And don’t make drastic changes in your baby’s life before traveling. It is like separating from the pacifier, starting toilet training, cutting off the breast…
If your baby is new to supplementary food, make sure you can use the kitchen of your facility (to prepare supplementary food). Or confirm that the facility has food for your baby.
Call a day or two before you go and remind them that they should add a baby cot to your room.
Don’t forget to take your baby’s health insurance details and your doctor’s phone number.
If you are traveling by road, car seats are a must


Preparing suitcases with baby for vacation
I would like to give you some suggestions that you can use both when preparing your suitcase and preparing your suitcase.


Diapers. If the journey is going to take a long time or if you have easy access to your baby’s diaper, you should only take enough diapers for a day or two. Thus, you do not carry unnecessarily load, you do not crowd the suitcase.
Lower opening mat
Plenty of bags (for putting dirty cloths and laundry)
Wet cloth
Diaper rash cream
Sunscreen (for children over 6 months), sunscreen swimsuit, hat, sunglasses, swimwear, bathrobe
Nautical or law enforcement
Bottle and milk
Fever meter, band-aid, gauze
Antipyretic, vitamins and medications that she uses continuously, itching and syrups you will get in consultation with your doctor.
Baby bottle, cooking apron, own spoon
Saline and nasal aspirator for nose
Own linen, if you have a sleeping companion
Body for babies, athletes and panties for older ones. You will be amazed at how practical life can be with an athlete or T-shirt on a swimsuit. In addition to dresses and shorts, be sure to buy long trousers or sweatpants to avoid nightly fly attacks and thin coats / cardigans / vests for cool nights.
Sandals, shoes and water-sand in the wet, non-slip, water-proof booties, a pair of socks
Always use shampoo, soap and baby oil for babies
Take care of your favorite toys, books and, if you have any, the usual things like pacifiers.
Stroller and Kangaroo
If you go to a hot area for summer holidays, mosquitoes are likely to be a nuisance. In very young children, mosquito net is more suitable instead of chemical protection by means of fly repellent drugs.


Make sure all windows and doors are closed at night.
As soon as you are in the room, check the sockets and make sure that your child cannot reach them if possible.
The bed is safe, not too high or low. Ensure that the fence is less than 6 mm apart.
Vee holiday with the baby, perhaps you have not noticed any holiday until that day will be instrumental in beauties. Who knows?

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