Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten? How to Tell?

Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten? How to Tell?

In the kindergarten children , the concept of cognition-thinking is used for mental activities that include recognition, understanding and learning of the world. The ability of the child to understand and evaluate life has its own characteristics. Reflex behaviors coming from birth are enriched with life.

Kindergarten and Children

These are placed in the mind of the kindergarten child . With its ability to solve children, it adapts previously used diagrams to use in new situations. Children undergo a four-stage process from reflex responses to thinking. The transition from one period to another is slow and does not affect all aspects of the child’s functions. At each stage there is both vertical and horizontal development. As we approach the new stage with vertical development, horizontal development and common behavioral patterns are internalized.

Kindergarten Child and Conceptual Period

Symbolic processes are enriched in children between the ages of 2 and 4, termed the Conceptual Period. The child’s thought schemes are enriched and start to have self-centered meaning. Begin to load meanings into objects. This can lead to communication difficulties between the child’s unique way of thinking and his environment.

Kindergarten Children 3-4 years old can solve a problem, but they cannot explain.

One-dimensional thinking, which is typical in this period, prevents the perception of conservation. The reasoning of the preschool child is transductive.

The concept of reversibility and conservation is yet to be understood and implemented. For example, because it is attached to a single dimension of the object within the perception area, it considers that the proportion of water in the long container is higher. In liquid and material preservation samples, the assessment of the child takes place based on some perceptual properties of the stimuli (such as a long container or rocket-shaped paste).

Kindergarten child and self-center

The kindergarten child is egocentric enough to evaluate events in any subject with his own perspective. It is called animism to attribute vitality to inanimate assets . For children 4-6 years old, everything is alive. Things are moving for 6-7 years old children . For 8-10 years old children are living things on their own. Children over 11 years old only know that animals and plants are alive.

Pre-Process Intuitive Period

The Pre-Process Intuitive Period, termed 4.5-7 years old children , try out complex situations. These age children can still evaluate only one dimension at the point of thought and reasoning. Although the capacity to think concretely, mind processes are limited. When he turns to a process, he will prefer to use his mental skills in harmony.

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