Is 5 Year Old Child Ready for School?

Is 5 Year Old Child Ready for School?

Families often receive expert support for 5-year-old children to start school or to postpone a year. In this age group, the assessment of oc school maturity yol in terms of starting school is guiding the development of the child.

The age of 5 years is called the ”Golden Age 5 .

The child is in a more mature, positive approach. The general developmental features of children of 5 years are:

– Sufficient and balanced. 
– He likes to show what he knows and be rewarded when they can. 
– He likes to finish what he started. 
– Language development, muscle development has increased. Speak according to the grammar rules. 
– Of course this affects the social relations positively. 
– He can walk at his fingertips. 
– The rope can jump. 
– The pen dominance increased. 
– She can draw lines and draw pictures. 
– He can use scissors. 
– Paper folding. 
– Improved problem solving skills. 
– Mental comparison, logic, empathy have not yet developed. 
– Poetry, nursery rhymes and stories. 
– recognizes and counts numbers from 1 to 10. 
– Knows the basic colors.
– Understand similar and opposite concepts. 
– It is about the cause of everything and asks. 
– He has the habit of toilet and he can clean himself. 
– He can wear his clothes himself. 
– Being with friends is extremely important. 
– If guided by their parents, they can help with simple daily tasks. 
– They are usually lively, active and cheerful. 
– They need supervision to protect them from danger. Because it’s important to be strong for this age. Their curiosity to learn the limits of their power may confront them with dangerous situations. 
– Although it has improved significantly from previous ages, it still requires support in many cases.

5-year-old children who have taken preparatory education , will be practicing sound studies, line studies and numbers. In this sense, they approached the primary school a little closer to the seriousness of the work to be done there. 5 yearsold children’s group will meet for the first time with these concepts. The new environment, different people, the separation from the mother for the first time will need a time to adapt to the school. 1- They are expected to be generally adaptable within 2 weeks.

In the age group of 5 years , it would be useful to be more patient and more careful in terms of adaptation to primary school.

In fact, basically the home environment prepares the child for school; however, it is necessary to make some preparations to facilitate adaptation to the situation before the school starts.

– It is important that sleep times begin to be regulated. (As soon as the school starts to get ready for sleep time and early morning to wake up) 
– Day, play, activity, drawing times such as splitting into slices. 
– Collecting materials after an event, then switching to another activity. 
– If you have not been learned to go to the toilet alone, cleaning after the toilet is taught this behavior. 
– Even if you still have your food in your mouth, even if you still have your food, don’t ask your food to eat. 
– Don’t talk about school life from time to time. (Of course, enjoyable times and advantages)
– Ask parents about everything at home and tell them that they can ask their teacher at school if they want.

The 5-year-old child will have to learn for the first time with the concepts of teaching and breathing, as well as to deal with the following situations:

– Limitation of effectiveness to the deadlines, 
– Adherence to the group in time, participation in the event even if he / she does not want to, 
– Keeping his / her attention alive throughout the activity.

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