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I love to eat honey for breakfast. Especially if it was put on butter….

At first, when the bee product was mentioned, I could think of nothing but honey. But one of the new things that came into my life thanks to the age of other bee products: Propolis, royal jelly, pollen ça As I researched bee products, the frequency of using them increased, and the frequency of using and seeing the benefits increased.

Last week I was in Antalya on Tuesday. I attended the International Honey Commission Congress IHC 2017. I made a presentation about the use of bee products in children. Frankly, I was very happy, proud and excited when I was invited to this congress, where the heart of beekeeping was beating. But you know (or just learning) I’ve been assigned to a new hospital. Permissions removed. It is not clear whether I can adjust my work order until the last moment. Anyway I was very excited when I found myself in the plane flying from Adana to Antalya at the last minute.

The Congress is held every two years in different countries of the world. For example, the previous IHC 2015 was held in Hungary. This year, it was organized in our country with the efforts of Aslı Elif Tanuğur, General Manager of Beeo Bee Products and Food Engineer, Co-President of International Honey Commission. There were many sessions. There were many officials from the world and our country who were interested in beekeeping and bee products and whose work was bees, honey and propolis.

The convention normally lasted 2 days, but I could only attend the last day. Even though it was a very warm weather and a wonderful sea outside, the topics discussed at the congress were so interesting that I never got the charm of the outside.

Thanks to social media, Dietitian Gülden Kılıç, who I knew and loved, was there and made a presentation titled Yeri The Place of Bee Products in Nutrition.. What wasn’t discussed that day? Details and photos of the day can be found on the International Honey Commission’s website. Let me share the traces I have.

Each of the speakers was fascinating, and each of the topics was horizon-wide.… But what left me the most was the co-chair of the International Honey Commission, Etienne Brunaeu.

Co-Chair of the International Honey Commission Etienne Brunaeu
Last year (2016) 60% of honeys sold in the UK are fake. Due to climate change, the number of bees in the world is gradually decreasing. Therefore, the amount of honey and other bee products circulating in the market is decreasing.
I immediately thought Ak ’If this is the case in England, what is it like in our country?’ Came the question.

The answer was answered by Aslı Elif Tanuğur, Co-President of the International Honey Commission and General Manager of Beeo Beekeeping. Tanuğur’s presentation was quite thought-provoking bir In a study conducted by Istanbul Technical University, 60 different propolis brands on the market revealed that many of them were not real propolis. Propolis analysis showed that the products sold as propolis were not antioxidants, and that propolis did not contain additives in most of them. So as the situation in the UK to Turkey was even more bad.

During the two days at IHC 2017, experts in the field talked about the latest developments in our country and the world about bee products. So what have I told you:

The medical world has known bee products for many years. Honey, for example, is described as a healing potion in the Sumerian tablets. Not only in ancient times, but also in modern medicine, the importance of bee products for human health. In many studies, honey has been proven to have antitussive and sleeping properties. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of honey for coughing. (After taking all other measures)

There are thousands of studies on propolis. Propolis has very high antioxidant properties as well as antimicrobial, immunosuppressive, allergy and asthma prevention properties. So it has protective properties against cancer and cell aging.
Due to the wound healing properties of propolis, it is very effective in the treatment of oral lesions in children with oral aphthae and hand and foot disease.
Propolis in children after 6 months, other honey products can be used after one year.

Last Tuesday, I came across the facts I didn’t know at IHC 2017 International Honey Commission Congress. Officially enlightened about bee products. This Congress is aware of the use of bee products and beekeeping sector in Turkey seem to be as bad as me … How well I suggest that it is worse than it appears? On the one hand, there are companies like Beeo, which are FDA approved, working with great transparency from production to sales, while at the same time there are companies that produce undercounter and do not put anything other than dyestuff into the product it produces. In spite of everything, there are people who try and do very good things.

There’s still and always.

It’s good to have…

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