Important Tips on Choosing a Children’s Book

Important Tips on Choosing a Children's Book

Although the contents of the children's book are very valuable, the content of the children's book is also very important. The questions and answers that will guide the parents about the contents of the books are as follows:

In love, death, violence, sexuality etc. what age group should the books that we can call anlatıl realistic bizim be told? Why?

Love, death, violence, sexuality are the realities of life. Such subjects will be included and should be included in children's books of all age groups. However, the expressions, pictures and dosage used in the transfer of subjects are very important; should be appropriate to the level of emotional and cognitive development of the child. Otherwise, the child will never understand what is told in the book, or it will be confused by misunderstanding. (A four-year-old client began to ask his mother how a baby was born after using a language that was over the age and in more detail, never siblings)

Such books are mostly used in the West (3-5 age group) Republishing the less we see that in Turkey. What difference as there is an understanding between the West and Europe or Turkey on this issue?

Basically, there is no difference between the children's books in the western countries and the truths about what should be the content of the books for the children of our country. Because child developmentThere is no confusion about what is right and what is wrong. However, due to cultural differences in western societies, the approach to certain issues (such as sexuality) is more obvious, but there are certain limits. An incident in Norway in the past years is an example of this. Anne Cath Vestly is the author of Norwegian children's books. In a children's program on the Norwegian radio, the author explained that children were not brought in by storks and were born by their mothers and brought into the world by birth, leading to controversy in Norway. As it can be seen from this example, it is not too healthy for child development. Important and correct,

Western children's literature (books) and children's literature in Turkey (children's book ) between the stems why the difference?

It is mainly due to cultural differences. Although there are serious interactions, Turkish family life, traditions and morality have differences according to the west. The history, level of development, character structure of societies naturally affect children's literature.

What do you think about telling children ne real life Siz? Is it true? Or which topics are appropriate?

As long as the children are given in the appropriate level and at the level of their development , I believe it is necessary to tell them stories from within real life. What is important and valuable is that it can master it. The death, love, and jealousy of a five-year-old child can be easily explained in a simple language and in detail, in various metaphors and in the fiction of the tale. There is nothing wrong with telling positive and negative examples about which behavior is right and what behavior is wrong.

Should  cultural differences be taken into account when preparing children's books ? For example, what can be explained to a Turkish child with things that can be told to a Swedish child?

Cultural differences must be taken into account. Otherwise, the child will not enjoy the fact that it is not close to what is already told. But sometimes we encounter such artfully uncovered artifacts that can appeal to children all over the world. In addition, it will be useful for children to read beautiful books from different cultures regardless of the society. An example of this situation is the imagination hero gör Harry Potter ül, followed by the children of the whole world, while the Swedish fairy tale hero “Lippi Langstrump with Long Socks iyle is very popular in his own country.

Children What kind of responsibility in this regard falls to the parents about the book?

Parents should be aware of what their children are reading. Parents should be very careful when choosing books, especially in translation books, and they should make sure that the language and content of the narration are appropriate for the child's development. (A 9.5 year old patient who has problems in her relationship with her peers can read the books of a very heavy age for the age of Russian literature and collect both her and her parents for this purpose. It boasts.

Where does a child's book learn from children who are not learning from their parents and what is the result?

Children learn by imitating behavior and taking model. In addition, they learn some basic concepts from the stories and books they read and prepare for real life. If this is not the case, the child will either learn from the television, the internet and his friends, or learn by experiencing them personally. In addition, telling children stories that are far from the realities of life will cause the child not to find you sincere and honest, and create anxiety when they face reality.

Can our children be much smarter and more open to the truth than we think? Are the generations not already doing this? In other words, a child who is three years old can easily learn the functions and functions of CD, remote control, computer and so on.

Especially since the early 90s, children start to live more closely with technology. As their knowledge grows, they are fueling their feelings of curiosity and the questions they raise often surprise their parents. For this reason, in the past, the books we have received from our parents and the contents of the books that we receive to our children stand out great differences.

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