How is the age distribution of children’s books?

How is the age distribution of children's books?

Children’s books enrich the imagination of your child and there is no specific time period for you to read books to them. In fact , reading books at any age, anytime, anywhere can be the easiest and fun activity can be. Even your baby can look at the pictures in the book, hear the rhythm and rhyme of the words you read.

Children’s books and reading desire to improve

Although it is not easy to introduce children to their own colorful worlds, they are able to make accurate choices though. In a library full of books, they touch and wonder. If you are reading a book at home and a good example for children, if you are careful not to interfere with the time of the book, you will develop a desire to read.

It will also challenge them to go to bookstores, to allow them to study and select books patiently. Thus he will discover that reading is not a torture, but a journey to different worlds whenever he wishes. You can create ları reading times aran outside of television and / or computer, games and sports activities , so you can spend special times together and strengthen the bond between you. This is the best way to show that you care about her.

What are the criteria for choosing children’s books?

There are some criteria that will encourage the selection and selection of the most qualified children’s books. It is also important in a book that the story is well-written as well-written. In order for the emotion expressed in the article to be revived, it must be sometimes colored and sometimes black and white. If the story and pictures in children’s books are integrated, they will be more effective. In addition, no matter how well-written and how well-written a book is, the graphic design and the poor quality of the material will have a negative effect on reading. It is also known that the author and the works of the book are known and published by a respected publisher will increase reliability. Another criterion is that the works taken from other cultures give the child a universal perspective,

In addition, the children must be well-translated and the Turkish language used well. The extraordinary stories that will improve the child’s creativity will improve their point of view. Finally, it will help the child to have their own truth in the books that are highlighted in the un bad oc characters as well as the doz good olm characters and that are instructive and instructive without exceeding their dose. In short, books that do not have strict rules, attract attention, give different points of view and enjoy the books are valuable.

Children Books Selection by Age Groups

Babies (0–3 years)

It is the period of linking with books . They learn by touching and listening. While reading to your baby, your baby can recognize and imitate your ability to flip through the pages, point to the pictures, and follow the text from left to right. To help them learn to speak and to develop their language skills, the book should be read.

Children’s books should be made of high quality materials such as fabric, cardboard or hard plastic so that your child will be in possession of it for a long time and will be able to discover it on its own. Choose books in which your baby is simple and in his world, objects he knows in it. It is not necessary to find any text in the pages of the page, but if there are any short and harmonious sentences should be paid attention. At the same time, there should be few words and pictures of these words. Say the name of the pictures with your finger. Babies learn this way. Pressurized buttons and bladed accessory books can also be selected.

Babies like to read the same book again. Read patiently. Uniform tone and exaggerated expressions can disturb your child while you are reading. However, lowering and lowering your tone where necessary and using a mimic when necessary will both attract and amuse it. Babies also enjoy rhymes and songs. After you grow a little more, you can read simple rhymes or books with rhymes. Hold your baby on your lap while reading a book. It will strengthen the bond between you. You can look at the photo albums together in recognition of the family members of the child.

Preschool Children (3 Çocuklar6 years)

Okumaya hazırlık dönemidir. Çocuğunuz okumaya başlamadan önce gördüğü harfleri anlamlandırmaya yönelik temel beceriler kazanacaktır. Yazılar ve kitaplara aşina olacak, kitapların işleyişini öğrenecek ve harfleri tanımaya başlayacaktır. Ne kadar çok harfi tanırsa, bu harflere ait seslere o kadar yoğunlaşabilir. Bu dönemde ayrıca yaratıcılıkları gelişir, olayların nedenleri üzerinde dururlar. Günlük hayatlarında karşılaştıkları sorunları içeren, sorularına cevap veren kitaplar seçilmelidir.

There are a lot of tales and stories that contain ideas and topics to help them understand their own lives. Young children like books about food, animals, vehicles and children. Books should have a distinctive subject and hero. The stories describing the mutual relations of one or several heroes should be read. (three little piggies) You can also choose to read your favorite tales from children’s books at his age. Well-illustrated books with detailed pictures should be selected. The child’s imagination must be mobilized. You can stop at a section of the book and ask a question like, ı What do you think has happened after that? K and ask him to complete the rest of the story. It would be appropriate for the child to include objects that they can classify. Young children enjoy reading books before going to sleep. Little children should be allowed to select and keep books to read. Books with no more text should be selected. Can be bored while listening. Specifying the names of the pictures helps you learn new words. Preschool children should receive books about family, friends, school, alphabet and numbers.

The answers asked about the stories should be answered carefully. Let your child tell stories in pre-school period. Go with your child to more libraries, bookstores, and let him choose books. Let young children sit with you or in your lap while reading. The bond between you will be strengthened. Mix books together when you need to wait. Read the signs and plates. Turn off the TV.

School Age Children (6 (12) years

Children’s books are the period of learning to read and enjoy what they read for children of this age group. In the age of 6-8 years of age, he will be able to read the letters by himself, to read frequently used words and to understand what he reads and to read faster without losing his meaning. Now the child knows himself. He / she can understand that other people are different from themselves and do not have the same feelings and thoughts. Open to innovations. In the age of 8-12 years, the main objective is to acquire new knowledge in every field and to be eager and independent readers.

Children actively learn to read, to think and to question. Children who read can automatically recognize the words and link them to the information they already have. It is now possible to read, learn and understand complex materials. At the same time, children can identify their interests and take care of the heroes and knowledge of the field. Adventurous stories are based on this age group.

6 :8 age group:

  1. Books of interest should be selected.
  2. Children should be given detailed pictures in books.
  3. It should teach new information.
  4. Children who are new to reading should prefer books that are not too long and that are not written in small texts.
  5. There should not be foreign and unfamiliar words.
  6. The book must have good characters as well as bad characters.
  7. It can be read in real stories.
  8. Beginning schooling should be encouraged to make ample exercises to improve reading skills and to read aloud.
  9. Most of the children who are just starting to read try to read the guessing according to the words they know. When you make a mistake or misread, please gently correct the error and be patient while your child is trying to read the truth.
  10. In order to be successful in reading, books suitable for the level should be selected.
  11. Let him read his favorite books and poems over and over again. Reading the same things again will help the child to read faster and more accurately.
  12. Examine the stories in depth. Ask questions about the story ile Why did the little piggy behave like this? “
  13. Read each other sequentially before sleep. The time for TV and video games should be restricted and allowed to be used at certain times. Encourage reading books in your spare time.
  14. Don’t leave the house without a book. Take books or magazines when you have to wait or travel. Create time to read books continuously.

8 :12 age group:

  1. In choosing children ‘s books , it should be a book of his choice according to the character and taste of the child.
  2. The book should not bear message anxiety.
  3. It should make the child think.
  4. You need to make the books feel special and valuable. Take your child to the library and read together. Choose the book as a gift. In a corner of the house you can book books all over the house as you will book a corner.
  5. Support reading new books. Make sure he reads other books of his kind. You can get the books of the series of books or the authors of their favorite authors.
  6. Let him see how you use the dictionary. Encourage using the dictionary.
  7. Talk about daily activities and make it a habit so that you can gain basic knowledge, understand what you are listening to and read.
  8. Encourage the child to write articles. It should be noted that there are various stages of writing, that there must be patience, that no one at the age can be perfect.
  9. Different types of books and different forms of writing should be preferred.
  10. Teach your child some memory tips. Show how you can summarize a story in a few sentences, and how you can predict later chapters. These tips will help you to grasp and remember.
  11. Rate your time by playing word games. Find synonyms and antonyms and give examples of the use of words. Children have less difficulty reading that word if they know the various meanings of words.

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