How Accurate is the Child?

How Accurate is the Child?

In order to criticize the child in the first step, it is useful to determine correctly: We are a crowded, extrovert society. Our comments about our children can be done easily next to others. Even with relatives, friends, even new ones aba

Children to criticize How much is true?

The name is actually, stigma Bun. Eder His sister is very naughty ad, ”This is how the teacher is doing this in this house“ criticizes him to criticize theexpression . This may be a behavior that is thought to be good for the child, but is a stigma. Sometimes parents, perhaps only because of their good intentions, want another adult to guide the child. Look, kid, you might want to say that in adults like your sister.

She does not upset the child in the meantime so perhaps intended. However, the other children who love the tree of self-confidence next to injured children, then in the case of those adults who tend to blame.

Instead of criticizing the child, to show the truth and to congratulate when applied, we must have steps!

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