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I didn’t choose to be a doctor or go to medical school. At that time, my family, especially my mother, insisted that I go to medical school. I have no choice but to be a doctor. But I chose to be a pediatrician. I wanted to be important in a person’s life, to save lives, to ease the pain of tiny children and babies. I knew that choosing pediatrics was not easy, I would have to be sleepless for nights, I would be very tired. However, there was something I didn’t know: I’m going to be a mother and this difficulty will increase many times yorgun Instead of sleeping tired and tired, I was going to sleep at home for 36 hours instead of sleepless. TUS (Medical Specialization Exam) while making my preferences.

The clearest thing I had in mind from the first year of my life was insomnia, fatigue, and accompanying bone and muscle pain. And I wasn’t keeping a guard at that time. At that time I thought that all of this would diminish as the Age grew. But I was wrong.

As time went by, my sleep time increased, but my bone and muscle pains did not disappear. Fatigue and muscle aches have been a part of my life. When a person is in a chronic negativity, stress or unhappiness, he cannot realize the situation. He thinks this is a part of his life. However, it is not, it should not be…

Bone pain did not disappear when my age began to go to school and after the seizure it became possible to sleep. Because this time out of the seizure in the house to receive the missing materials, doing various tasks in the house, such as doing I have installed various missions. Cagin was tired all day because he started school and he only got up once or twice a night. But I was still tired. I decided to have all my examinations done last year while suffering so much muscle and bone pain. Who knows, maybe I had a serious illness. Finally, my tests revealed that I had vitamin D deficiency and insulin resistance. That should be my muscle and bone pain. I thought I might have insulin resistance because of my weight and sedentary lifestyle, but the lack of vitamin D wasn’t exactly what I expected. After all, I lived in a city with four seasons of sunshine. Vitamin D deficiency is now blamed for many things, from asthma to diabetes and frequent infection in breast cancer. As a matter of fact, after starting to use vitamin D, there was a significant decrease in my muscle joint pain. Unfortunately, I could not achieve the same success in reducing my insulin resistance. I started taking the medicine I needed to use, but I couldn’t continue. And I couldn’t lose weight.

I’ve been sore all over again. There is currently no vitamin D deficiency for using regular vitamin D. But I feel very tired, especially since winter starts. So much so that when I look back on Instagram, I often share posts that I complain about hard work and tiredness. I know it’s not just about my insulin resistance or vitamin D deficiency, it’s because of hard work and rest. And I want to put an end to this. I want to get rid of this tired, sore side. And in my own way, I’ve devised an action plan.

Action plan for getting rid of fatigue and pain
I will lose weight
Now even I laughed out loud because it’s something I haven’t tried for a long time. I must admit from the beginning that I’ve never been thin. I don’t think I can be slim after this hour. As someone who only gained 8 kilos in my pregnancy, my rapid weight gain in the puerperium surprised everyone around me, including me. After birth, I had a hard time keeping my weight. I tried so hard, but I didn’t. I went to dieticians, did sports. But when I started to lose weight, there was always something going on. I’ve been going to reformer and cadillac pilates for about a year (not to mention the 2-month break I’ve given for temporary tasks). My weight is the same but at least I’m firmer now. I’m getting more comfortable in my tight pants last year. I’m gonna take this weight loss thing more seriously.

I will stay away from sugar and white flour
This is something I’ve always tried, but I haven’t been able to accomplish … Sugar not only causes cancer, obesity and diabetes, but also fatigue. I’m going to live a life without sugar.

I will increase the movement
For now, I go to Pilates two days a week from noon. If I can make it, I’m gonna run for 15 minutes, three days a week, or walk fast.

I will not neglect to use my medication
I’m going to restart my medication for insulin resistance. I’m still using the one for vitamin D deficiency.

But most importantly, I’m going to slow down a bit and try to get into bed an hour earlier. For me, it’s as hard to lose weight and get to bed early and work hard. Maybe I can start by doing a winter holiday this year .. So I take a few days of annual leave to come to our dinner, we will leave our room scattered and I want to go to bed all day without doing anything. Or best of all the mess of the house to work

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