Coming back to RuneScape after 10 years Should I visit OSRS or RS3?

I remember EoC coming in and not enjoying it very much. However, my account and skills that I spent years building are on RS3 and when I was to visit OSRS I would have to begin anew. From what I hear RS3 has a whole lot more information and is simpler and quicker to level up yet RuneScape 2007 gold is what I know and recognise, should I try out the new RS3 and attempt get used to the new mechanics or simply stick with OSRS? Would really like to hear from both sides (will also be posting this in the OSRS subreddit).

I can not live with no QoL improvements to 12, these days. Notably lodestones the toolbelt, and hotbar. How I see it, not having the choices in OSRS doesn’t make RuneScape more difficult, just longer times performing less variety of actions. But if you are a fan of PVP, OSRS is the place to go. You might use the Runelite client for OSRS which does something RS3 doesn’t, like an XP tracker you do not need to pay for. But in the end, RS3 is the more fun game if you ask me.

Will I be at a disadvantage using heritage mode versus someone who is currently using EoC? Or bossing? But you can just put up your hotbar and revolution will activate whatever is the initial ability not on cooldown, which means that you won’t have to worry about it before endgame, where you might want to find out more active approaches. Here is a pretty good setup assuming you’ve got the levels for them.

Legacy is unquestionably gets weaker the later it gets, but you can ease into EoC through revolution by setting activity bars up which mechanically cast abilities while doing Slayer, so you essentially just click on an enemy such as in legacy, also can learn abilities through that. Additionally, EoC has got AoE abilities, therefore even Slayer is considerably quicker. For bossing, the majority of them have mechanisms that are legacy manner friendly, so you don’t DPS and take more damage, if you truly want to, but it is still achievable.

If EOC was the issue for you, you may either forget about it being set and use the best pub, or you may switch to legacy battle style. Personally, I like RS3 because I play I feel like I’m making progress. Whether it be farming animals, or amounts, or building on Anachronia, or even quests, there’s just a lot of approaches with buy OSRS gold. The grind can be actual although with OSRS I feel a whole lot more nostalgia playing.

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