Children Why Networks? What Is True To Do?

Children Why Networks? What Is True To Do?

Children Why Networks? Especially during the summer holidays, we can meet with families from abroad on the same beaches.

Why does the child cry?

Foreign nationals do not cry with their parents, we do not see a foreign child who threw himself from the ground, do I make a false generalization if I say? In other words, I wonder if our children may be more furious than the children of foreigners, I wonder why?
In fact, these are the situations that make you smile and are very familiar. In my last vacation, I observed a situation: We were in a sailing camp with many families from Britain. At that time I had the opportunity to observe the behavior of British children inevitably. One evening there was a family sitting next to us. Gitme It’s time to go now, Ann his mother said to the boy. Evening hours are approaching, the sun does not bother very much, such a time the child from the pool to another activity, for example, dinner is not an easy task to take. Therefore, I looked at the child’s reaction. When her mother said, s Let’s go, abilir she turned around and asked, dü Can I skip a slide? Ann Mother said in an authoritarian but loving way: sen Okay, you’re allowed to just jump twice, so you’re going to go, then we’re going, okay? Ot Child”Okay, da he said. The boy jumped on the slide with enthusiasm the first time. The second time, he looked at his mother, his mother made a sign that said, in Good job, this is the last jumping İkin. Then the boy came and they went pretty nice. Üm Now, how would this happen in general? Bir I thought. You can’t take the child out of the pool; mother runs after her; Daddy is said a little; the child escapes, goes on its way alone and things like that çocuk

First of all, it is important to know and apply very well: to be clear and stable, to love the child, to spend time with him is not opposite behavior.

We have a misconception that ıl if the child is not done, he will think that we don’t love him! Biz Why should the child cry, we must first ask ourselves, and it is in our hands as parents to correct it. If we understand our child correctly, when we determine his needs correctly and act with appropriate discipline rules, the problem will be solved some amount. 

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