Child Discipline Tips and Parent Child Discipline

Child Discipline Tips and Parent Child Discipline

One thing to be cautious about child discipline clues is to decide instead. The questions directed to the child can be parents who answer their children.

Parents and Children Who Decide Its Place in Terms of Children’s Discipline Tips

In the United States, such mothers and fathers are called opter Helicopter parent “, ie al Helicopter Mother and Father Amerika. There is even a well-known caricature of the mother, a helicopter propeller on the top of the mother, when the child needs the smallest, running, running for help. In terms of children’s education tips , the right parenting behavior is to teach the child to sweat his athlete, for example, after playing football and feeling sweating, rather than just putting a towel on his back when he sweates.

Comparing Child Discipline with Other Children

To give an example of the behavior of other children to our own children, to compare them with our children, to place and to reproach, to give a positive behavior model to our child to look at the hints of the discipline of children: NOT POSSIBLE! Comparing our child with another child , comparing it, presenting the behavior of another child as an example will negatively affect the communication between you and your child.

 Making Children’s Mental Aspects

It must not act as if they love, cared, cared, because children can be sure. The children with sincerity and insincere feel very good. Let’s say we make our child think as if we care about his desire, his desire and his thoughts. We make a promise, but we don’t, we make a promise to him, but we don’t, we tell him that we’re taking the time, but we don’t. In this case, the child feels er like er and has a negative impact on the discipline of the child . After this stage, when you request something from your child, it will begin to question how realistic and necessary it is.

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