Child Development Stages 0-6 Age Characteristics

Child Development Stages 0-6 Age Characteristics


During the child ‘s developmental stages, there may be moments when you feel clogged and desperate with your child. This is normal; however, if this situation has become a routine that you cannot get out of, it will be useful to stand here and think.

During child development, if you are constantly on the verge of becoming a force of war with your child:

– If your child is shaping your family order and life, 
– If you do not have clear rules, 
– If parents cannot act jointly, they may indicate the existence of a problem.

It is important to recognize your child’s developmental stage and characteristics and act accordingly. For example, setting strict rules on a child who is in the Autonomy Period, which is one of the stages of child development, will have no negative consequences. Or it would be very wrong for the child to be deprived of the rules in the period of child development that should learn social rules and boundaries. The important thing is that you can show your child the right approach at the right time .

Child development periods and needs are as follows:

0-18 Months Child Development Stages

Basic is the period of trust. The relationship between mother and baby is very important. How much can the mother and baby understand each other? Can the mother understand that the baby’s belly is hungry or that the gold is dirty? Generally, mothers can understand why their babies are crying and resolve their needs when they are a few months old and some mothers may not understand it. The important thing is that the mother baby communication can be provided correctly. The first two months of the baby’s needs to be corrected immediately is very important for a sense of trust. However, after 3 and 4 months of the baby’s needs after waiting a short time to meet will be healthier. The baby should be able to cope with this and be aware of their needs.

In terms of child development, the baby’s first 2 years can be very challenging, especially sleeping hours. Therefore, in daytime sleep, the environment should be dim and quiet. Thus, after a while you can gain sleep.

The relationship between the mother and the baby should be remembered that the baby will be a reference to the relationship of the baby. especially the mother’s anxious and irritable effects affect the baby’s secure attachment or failure to connect.

2-3 Years Child Development Stages

The children of this age have begun to walk and talk, and they need to be autonomous. Dir I have entered the period. They want to do everything themselves. For example, insisting on choosing and wearing an inappropriate outfit for the season (such as wanting to wear a summer dress in winter). ”No ir period. In terms of child development, it will be wrong to put too strict rules in this period and discipline it. This is a time he must spend. If this period of autonomy is restricted to rules and limits, they may lack self-confidence in the future. In this period, even though no limit, everything is called yes, in the future in the school and social life may have problems with the rules and limits.

What is important is to draw attention to your child from another point of view in terms of child development, not to be stubborn at the time of crisis. Because there is no such thing as gaining stubbornness with the child and there is no benefit. This period children cannot comprehend yet to share, so you should not force her to share her toy. This age group is not suitable for nest in terms of child development. He wants to take what he wants when he wants. Difficult to spend time in certain rules. But they can play parallel games. A few children play with their own toys in the same environment. It may be appropriate to play groups.

4-5 Years Child Development Stages

These age children have entered a new era. They can build theories of mind. They can take the perspective of others into account. They can play symbolic games, share toys. It is a suitable period for home. Learn to abide by the rules of the Community. They can now learn the rules and limits. From this period on, in terms of child development, you should put your rules in the house more clearly and determine its limits. The love you give your child as much as the rules is important in compassion, its balance should be established very well. When your child starts feeling the separation from the mother and father for the first time, you should give him some time and wait for separation anxiety to be completed. This is a process, and over time your child will get used to it. This is a process that must live,

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