Child Advice and Tips

Child Advice and Tips

It is very, very important that you plan your activities and your time correctly with the child . When you make your child feel special, you spend a more enjoyable time with him.

Activity Suggestions with the Child

The answer to the question dır What do you like the most with your child on the weekends? ”Should not be çok we go to cinema“. Going to the movies is not an activity that is actually done together . In a dark area, you sit side by side on the couch, watching a movie for two hours. Eating outdoors before or after cinema is not a quality time-sharing. Instead, go shopping, go home, cook the food together, watch the film at home, stop the film and talk about it eve These are efficient and quality time to spend . Everything you don’t spend for work is temporary, not permanent and doesn’t make your child feel really special.

Activity and quality time with the child, to show interest in him!

Keep in mind that the most precious memories of many parents are themselves a wooden car or planted diaper made by their parents when they are children.

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