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the recent official news post has revealed some proposed changes for the 71th game improvement poll. Provide you with the greatest you could learn the proposed changes to the gauntlet osrs, corrupted gauntlet and others. proposed changes to the gauntlet osrs 1. the inner square of rooms in the gauntlet may be predetermined to always contain the same basic resources, which will not apply to the corrupted gauntlet osrs mode. 2. to make demi bosses ios closed beta: sign up & play rs mobile from may has been confirmed that rs mobile ios closed beta is coming soon on may 11th.

read the information below to learn how to sign up and play the closed beta on your device. when does rs ios closed beta run? according to the recent official news post, rs mobile closed beta for ios will kick off on may 11th, 2020. a total of 9,900 slots will be available for this rs.enjoy up to $10 off osrs, rs gold & more for mother’s day.will you buy gifts and some beautiful carnations for your mom on mother’s day this year? to celebrate that day, we will offer up to $10 coupons during our mother’s day special gift event! when can you enjoy up to $10 coupons?

RS Gold mother’s day special gift will run from may 9 to may 14, 2020. during this promotion, you could enjoy up to $10 coupons for cheap osrs gold, rs gold. antique emblem osrs guide: how to gain & upgrade emblems?antique emblem osrs is an item that you may obtain from the bounty hunter minigame. here is our antique emblem guide to help you learn how to get and upgrade these emblems. how to get & upgrade antique emblem osrs? antique emblems can obtained from osrs bounty hunter minigame as rewards. you can obtain them only by killing the target in the wilderness on bounty hunter worlds. there is also a chance.

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